Russian Scientists Crack Crop Circle Code: Pole Shift Impending (2 videos) MUST READ!!!!

I get to share this blog post of Jean, 2012- What’s the Real Truth

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Friends, this is why I have been saying focus on your own emotional healing. Don’t get caught up in the outside stuff. If following the news ‘triggers’ you into an unconscious, negative emotional place, work with that until you are free of it. As I went down the rabbit hole I hit so many dark places, but each time I healed them, I was able to go down a bit further until at the bottom I found the ETs, who I believe are truly trying to help us.

Now, if you don’t quite believe all this, there is absolutely no harm in doing your inner work anyway! If I’m wrong about much of this, your life, however it unfolds, will be far, far better for having healed your inner wounds. Do this work – even if it’s only your thought to takie out a kind of  insurance policy on the…

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