The One people’s Public Trust Presentation- Overview

The One people’s Public Trust Presentation- Overview

Here is “The One people’s Public Trust” (TOPPT) Sovereignty Declaration.  The link above is an excellent presentation and overview of what TOPPT is Declaring.  Also included is a link to my friend Kauilapele’s blog.  Enjoy-  Ed

The One People’s Public Trust 1776

On the 25th of December 2012 the OPPT – the One People’s Public Trust 1776 – became public.  Since then, amongst certain communities on the Internet, this news went viral across the world.

The Announcement was not actually for Us the Public of the World.  It was a legal Notice, an Official Announcement to the powers-that-were, that the eons-old regimes-system is over, totally wiped, a clean slate, ready and waiting for the diversity-of-Us to wake-up to it, spread the news, real-ise it, stand upon it, apply it and thoroughly establish the Foreclosure, to pursue comprehensive Justice, to thoroughly cleanse – without which there is no healing or restoration – and release Us to create in ever-expanding Freedom and Prosperity, a whole new future, a new way of living … being.

This site will try and list the unfolding living-story as it is released from various websites and online programs.  Forgive me if I miss something.  It is not a commentary or a social-site adding to the turmoil of white-noise, but just offered for clarity, and to assist the distribution of this important information in a nutshell, simply, and for sharing far and wide as quickly as possible.

It has been a very short time since the release, and patience, commitment, self-discipline, self-education and continual updating is required.  While many are working hard to understand the material and its application, we are promised very soon that we will be assisted to make sense of it and will know its exact application for the Planet, and therefore what We must do … by Us.  Meanwhile, hanging loose, not wrestling with it, but instead playing, dreaming and loving the possibilities is a really good work to involve ourselves in right now.

This living-story and the power of its growing understanding, can be followed by going to the:

  • Recommended Interviews – highly recommended, especially to get a quick feel for it all.
  • The OPPT Story So Far posts for the most recent 10 issues, and the:
  • All ‘OPPT Story So Far’ Issues section, with which one needs to begin at the beginning and build one’s foundation incrementally from there as it all unfolds.

If it helps, by subscribing or following, you can receive updates as this unfolds, as best I can find developments that is, because like most of Us, I am just doing the best I can to tune in.

This is epic …

It is indeed a totally new beginning … if we walk this Way …

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